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How To Deal With A Burst Pipe Emergency

A burst pipe is more than an inconvenience, if a burst water pipe results in a flood it can cause severe damage to your home and your possessions, and in freezing conditions this is all too common. It’s important to be vigilant during the winter so you can avoid costly problems, follow these top tips to prevent your pipes from freezing:

Burst Pipe Prevention Tips

Heat and insulation are the keys to preventing your pipes from freezing:

• Insulation – By insulating your loft, the sides of your water tank and the pipes themselves you can help prevent the temperature of the water inside from dropping too drastically.

• Heat – Opening the doors to your loft, the cupboard under your sink any anywhere else pipes are hidden away can ensure warm air is getting to the pipes.

• If you’re travelling, make sure a friend, neighbour or relative regularly checks your home to ensure your pipes haven’t burst or frozen.

• Ensure all dripping taps are fixed promptly so the dripping water doesn’t freeze and cause a blockage.

Steps To Take If A Pipe Freezes

Despite your best efforts, sometimes frozen pipes are unavoidable. Your frozen pipe should be treated as an emergency and dealt with immediately to avoid any flooding risks. If a pipe does freeze:

• Turn off your water supply at the main stop tap (usually located under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe enters your home)

• Protect or remove items from around the frozen pipe that could be damaged in the event of a burst

• Open the tap nearest to the frozen pipe so the water can flow freely once it is melted
• Thaw the pipe with a hot water bottle or hairdryer (making sure electrics are kept well away from water) beginning from the end closest to the tap

If problems persist or a burst occurs, notify a plumber immediately. Here at West London Heating and Plumbing our Gas Safe registered plumbers are always on hand to help you deal with any heating or plumbing related problems in the London area. We have over 65 years of experience working within the community, and guarantee a rapid response in the event of any emergency. If you have a plumbing problem, or would like further information on any of our services, get in touch today on 0208 264 7256 to speak to a dedicated member of our team.




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